Scout Merit Badge

Scout Merit Badge
Quick Facts

Pricing: $50/Scout, 3 hours, 4-12 scouts. $50 deposit due at time of reservation.
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Program Details

LRCC offers scouts the opportunity to enjoy a night of climbing and the chance to earn their climbing merit badge. Your group will receive instruction on how to properly put on a climbing harness, how to belay a climber, learn knots, proper use of belay commands, and rappelling.

Our merit badge program is scheduled for 3 hours and is open to groups of 5 to 10 scouts. Scouts must be 13 years of age and must have their First Aid and CPR certifications already met.

Required Knots:

1. Retrace Figure 8
2. Figure 8 on a bight
3. Water Knot
4. Double Fisherman’s



Participant Agreement

In order to climb at the Little Rock Climbing Center, each person is required to fill out and sign an emergency information form and a liability release. Climbers under the age of 18 must have the participant agreement signed by their parent or guardian.

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