Groups & Parties

Boulder League team at the Little Rock Climbing Center.

Boulder League

Boulder League is our summer-long competition series to keep you in shape.  Running from June 14th through August 1st, the competition runs all week long so you can come in and climb anytime.  New boulder problems test both the novice climber and the experienced veteran. We use a handicap system so that anyone can win, no matter how hard you climb. We’re playing a little bit different this year 16 boulders will be up for two weeks. Pick your teams of 4! You’ll be able to earn point by logging your climbs. 16 New boulders every two weeks. Problems will be up for 2 weeks. You can climb any day of the week! Just log your climbs in the kaya app for scoring. All scores will be posted weekly. Awards will be given at the end of the summer. Registration 5/6/21- 6/20/21 to receive a t-shirt. Boulder league Competition starts 6/14/21-8/1/21 Cost $20 To score the competition we will be using the Kaya climbing app. If you don’t have an account you can create one here: After you have an account you can sign-up for Boulder League here: FAQ: Does my team all need to climb at the same level? -No. With the handicap scoring system climbers of all abilities can compete on equal footing. What is Kaya? -Kaya is an app used for logging all your climbs indoors and outdoors. They also allow gym to setup competitions like this one. What Handicap should I setup? -Good question select a V difficulty that would take you about a week to climb. After climbing this climb you will receive the max

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Scout Merit Badge

LRCC offers scouts the opportunity to enjoy a night of climbing and the chance to earn their climbing merit badge. Your group will receive instruction on how to properly put on a climbing harness, how to belay a climber, learn knots, proper use of belay commands, and rappelling. Our merit badge program is scheduled for 3 hours and is open to groups of 5 to 10 scouts. Scouts must be 13 years of age and must have their First Aid and CPR certifications already met. Required Knots: 1. Retrace Figure 8 2. Figure 8 on a bight 3. Water Knot 4. Double Fisherman’s  

Youth Groups

If you have a church group, school group, or any kind of youth group; an outing at Little Rock Climbing Center can be guaranteed to be the highlight of the year. Groups of 8-30 kids can climb our walls using the auto-belay systems and the tope-rope systems. Climbers age 13 and older can learn to belay (work the ropes) for other climbers. If your group consists of children younger than 13, adults with your group will be required to assist with clipping in and out of auto-belay systems and belaying the kids on the top-rope systems. Reservations are required along with a 50% deposit.

Field Trips

Bring your class or camp out for an hour of fun climbing at LRCC.  We will provide the harness and instructions for the kids and teach your staff how to help with the auto-belays. Field trip reservations are open for ages 5 and up with a minimum of 10 in your group.  A $50 deposit is due at the time of reservation.  

Adult Groups

Treat your group to a fun-filled experience at Little Rock Climbing Center.  Groups of 8-30 people can have a blast while climbing our walls.  We’ve got something for climbers of all abilities. For experienced or first-time climbers, LRCC has something for everyone.

Rock climbing class for scouts at the Little Rock Climbing Center.

Scout Outing

Plan your next pack or troop event at Little Rock Climbing Center. Our trained staff will have your scouts scaling the walls and having fun in no time. The scout rate includes 2 hours of climbing and all of the required gear. Belay lessons for leaders, parents and climbers 13 and older are also included. Reservations are required for all groups along with a 50% deposit. LRCC participant agreements are required for all climbers. Those under 18 need to have the participant agreement signed by their parents.

Team Building

Climbing is a natural team building activity. It is goal-oriented and requires cooperation, trust, and good communication skills. Professional facilitators provide your organization with activities that will enhance and change the way individuals view themselves, their co-workers and the team as a whole. We can customize any program, providing a highly-structured, motivational agenda or a relaxed curriculum that highlights the thrill of climbing. Climbing shoes and harnesses are provided. The program will be customized to suit your needs. Call to find out how we can help your team climb to the top!